Top Trending and Best Mehendi Designs for Wedding

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Applying Mehendi is the symbol of prosperity and new life as both bride and groom get into their next phase of life. In wedding, everyone is eager to see the beautiful Mehendi design on the bride’s hand. Bride to be, too wants the best mehendi designs on her hand.

Mehendi ceremony is just before the wedding day. There is an electrifying excitement in both bride’s, as well as the groom’s side, where women and girls tirelessly wait to get the best Mehendi designs on their hands.

Not only during wedding celebrations, nowadays women want best mehendi designs to apply on various other occasions and festivals like Teej, Eid, Karwa Chauth, Diwali, etc.

Types of Trending Mehendi Designs

Mehendi also referred to as Henna, is believed to have its origins in Arabic countries. Today, Mehendi is not just popular in India. People from Bangladesh, Pakistan, Singapore, and many Western countries like the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom also widely use Mehendi designs to decorate their hands and body.

These days there is no limit to the designs, you can choose from Indian, Arabic, floral, rose & leaf motifs. Here are some of the top trending Mehendi Designs to choose for your Wedding.

Rajasthani Mehendi Designs

Rajasthani Mehendi Design is becoming more and more fashionable these days. Some of the most sought-after Rajasthani Mehendi designs are Raja Rani Mehendi design, Dulha Dulhan Mehendi design, Mandala Design, Floral Henna design, Chadar Mehendi design, Mehendi design with mirrors and peacocks, Mango leaves, etc.

Gujarati Mehendi Designs

Considering Gujarati Mehndi design on your occasion is also a great choice. Some of the Gujarati Henna patterns include full peacock designed heavily, elephant art, floral and birds designs, Ornaments are also part of the Gujarati designs.

North Indian Mehendi Designs

North Indian Mehndi designs are a combination of traditional and western designs. You will get a hint of all other types of designs. All elements like flowers, leaves, nets, birds, etc., are used with dark shadings in North Indian designs.

One of the most important aspects that you will notice in North Indian Mehendi design is the name of the bride and groom merged nicely in the design. North Indian Mehendi designs are famous for their heavy look. The North Indian Mehendi design tends to be on the fuller side with very little space left. It is all as per the interests of the bride to choose the elements such as florals, plants, precious animals, geometric designs, etc.

Arabic Mehendi Designs

In case you are looking for large designs patterns, you should opt for Arabic designs. You will see large shapes with a lot of shadings. Arabic Mehendi Designs also has more use of flowers and leaves elements in the design. The most common patterns used are trail, design on specific fingers, containing parsley, roses, leaves. Unlike Indian designs, all of the hand is not covered. Design patterns are applied to specific areas of the hands.

Indo Arabic Mehendi Designs

Personally, I prefer this type of fusion design as it gives you the best from both design patterns. From Indian designs you can pick your favorite elements and patterns and combine them with the Arabic designs. Due to more options of patterns, this type of design is fast becoming famous among brides.

Western Mehendi Designs

If you don’t like heavy designs, then you can choose Western Mehendi Designs, they have geometric shapes and patterns. Temporary Tattoo design will also come under this category. Easy and quick to make as compared to other traditional designs. These western designs can also be merged with any other designs to create a fusion design. Using Indian design patterns with western designs gives birth to Indo Western Mehendi designs.

Moroccan Mehendi Designs

With more tribal patterns, Moroccan Mehendi designs, have a lot of calligraphy and motifs elements in them. Designs and patterns are extravagant and luxurious just like a Moroccan style.

Glitter Mehendi Designs

With the combination of Heena, you add some sparkling colors which make the design elaborate and beautiful. Applying glitters in the Mehendi design patterns makes the design glittery and fancy. You can choose from bangle styles, using stones, etc. to decorate the designs further.

Pakistani Mehendi Designs

The color of Pakistani Mehendi is usually black. The designs and patterns are vibrant, elegant, and have all the elements of Indian and Arabic Mehendi Designs.

Essential Tips to make your Mehendi design last long

  • Make your self comfortable before getting the Mehendi design on your hands/feet as the process take time.
  • Choose the design carefully before the Mehendi Artist starts applying it on your hand or feet because once started, it may not be possible to change the design.
  • To make the Mehendi design dark and strong, avoid washing your hands or getting water on the design.
  • Apply a mixture of lemon and sugar once Mehendi is dried.
  • To avoid the risk of smudges and damages to the design, you should not touch things or move around freely once you have the Mehendi design.

Answers to Questions that you may have about Mehendi / Henna

How to prepare Mehendi paste or henna paste?

Mehendi paste is prepared from powder of dried Henna leaves is used. The powder is mixed with eucalyptus oil and lemon juice to form a paste. Mehendi artists have their secret recipe of creating this paste. The paste is then kept overnight and used the next day by filling it in silicon or polythene cone.

How to make your Mehendi designs dark?

There are many ways to do this. Once your Mehendi is dried you use some of the traditional ways to apply a mixture of lemon and sugar. Another way is to keep your hands against fumes of cloves. One of the most important things is not to wash your hands or let water splash on your design for at least eight hours (8 hours).

Top things to avoid while applying Mehendi/ Henna?

The most important is to get a trial session to see if you are not allergic with Mehendi and once it is applied don’t wash your hands for upto 8 hours.

How long does the Mehendi design lasts on Hands?

It depends on your usage, if you expose your hands to water, it may last for 3 to 4 days. But if you are successful in avoiding exposure to water initially, the Mehendi design may last for 7 to 8 days.

How long does the Mehendi design lasts on Feets?

As compared to the hands, Mehendi Designs lasts for a lesser number of days on feet. Sometimes, you will notice that on feet, the design is not as dark as on hands. You can expect the design on feet to last for around 4 to 5 days.

Can we change the Mehendi design once it is made?

Strictly No, usually it is not advisable not to change the design once applies, because even when you take out the design, some of the colors may be left behind. It will make your new design look garbled. Think beforehand and choose the design carefully before the Mehendi Artist starts applying it on your hand or feet.

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