50+ Latest Chanderi Sarees for that special festive look

Chanderi Saree heeds its name from a town in Madhya Pradesh “Chanderi” is popularly recognized as the best handloom cluster existing in India. The artisans of Chanderi practice the art of producing textured sarees of cotton and silk decorated with the finest art of “zari”.

Chanderi emerged in the 2nd Century and so it carries a historical and ancient grace of culture and techniques of production and weaving. They are produced from the 3 famous fabrics namely cotton, pure silk, and cotton-silk blend.

They are very suitable for the Indian climate because they are lightweight and skin-friendly. Their beauty is their simplicity and supremely large borders and gorgeously crafted falls or ‘pallus’. Chanderi is embroidered with a variety of designs like a traditional coin. Floral art, peacocks and other birds, and geometric shapes. These sarees are some of the finest in India and are known for their gold and silver brocades, fine silk, and heer hand embroidery.

The fabric of chanderi actually requires special care and so it’s advised to dry clean the fabric to protect the ‘zari’ work.

Since time immemorial, chanderi occupies a special place In the Indian handloom sector. It was used earlier to weave stunning nine-yard drapes. But eventually with grooming fashion came a fusion of traditional and modern weaving techniques, and now Chanderi fabric is not only confined to sarees but is also used by designers to create Indo-western dresses.

Finesse and subtle, yet regal, Chanderi sarees embrace themselves as the queen of the handloom industry. The fabric gives a soft touch to your skin, and hence its popularity amongst women is natural. Chanderi sarees are an undeniable choice for summer wear as well as for special festivals and occasions. For saree millennials, it is one of the “must-have attires” and has emerged as the most ethnic Indian wear.

Latest Designs of Chanderi Sarees

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