Top 50+ Latest & Trending Indian Bridal Mangalsutra Designs

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It is derived from two words Mangal which means an auspicious and Sutra which means a thread, combining the words we can say an auspicious thread. It is a pure symbol of love and marital status, usually mangal sutra is made with a combination of black and golden beads thread with a pendant. At the wedding ceremony, the groom put this mangalsutra around the bride’s neck. Still it is popular among the modern brides, as jewellery remains the best friends of women. These days there are lots of personalization being done around Mangalsutra with more designer and trendy looks, on a higher level they can be categorized as Gold Mangalsutra, Diamond Mangalsutra, Long Mangalsutra, Short Mangalsutra.

Let us help you to find out the best way to choose your Mangalsutra

  1. Depends on your and your partner, you should go with the Mangalsutra as per your liking and preference
  2. Size of the Pendant in Mangalsutra – See which size of pendant would look perfect on your neck
  3. Long Chain or Short Chain – depending on your height and preference you should select the chain of your mangalsutra
  4. Gold or Diamond – Diamond is women’s best friend, however do check what goes with your dressing dress. 

Latest Bridal Mangalsutra Designs

Here is a list of some of the latest Bridal Mangalsutra Designs for inspiration

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Modern Mangalsutra Design Idea

It is an elegant design for a modern mangalsutra for women. The pendant studded with American Diamonds, and the chain is of solid gold with traditional black beads of Mangalsutras. It has a classy look to it and is suitable for the modern bride. This piece of jewelry can go with all types of dresses and is perfect for office wear too.

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Beautiful Golden Rudraksha Mangalsutra Design Idea

Beautiful Golden Rudraksha Mangalsutra Design is awesome for modern Women. It has an antique look. The antique mangalsutra has Gold plating on silver/bronze base. This jewelry piece is perfect for those who don’t want to spend too much money on Mangalsutra. The design goes well with Indian dresses and is ideal for parties and weddings.

- Mangalsutra Designs Idea 334884922289001994 - 6

Elegant and Modern Diamond Mangalsutra Design Idea

The design is a perfect example of a wedding mangalsutra for the modern Indian bride. The style of the pendant is stunning and unique. It has square and rectangular-shaped diamonds that add sparkle. The mangalsutra is quite trendy, elegant, and yet very simple. It combines the Traditional Indian Mangalsutra with the tastes of modern brides who look for designs to wear regularly.

- Mangalsutra Designs Idea 844987948817227325 - 8

Fancy yet Simple Mangalsutra Design Idea

A lightweight Fancy Mangalsutra Designs. Its simplicity and elegance make it a great choice for Modern Indian Brides. Jewelry’s design is suitable for regular use. It can easily go with Indian as well as western dresses. Perfect if you are looking for a Bridal Mangalsutra that you can wear to the office.

Mangalsutra Design for Modern Brides Idea

Mangalsutra Design for Modern Brides Idea

It is yet another beautiful design of mangalsutra for modern brides. The mangalsutra pattern is lightweight and can be made under 10 grams of gold. The simplistic design is perfect for new brides for daily wear.

- Mangalsutra Designs Idea 582231058060881839 - 11

Modern Diamond Mangalsutra Design Idea

This pendant mangalsutra will make you fall in love with its design and elegance. It has gold and black beads on the chain. The two square clusters of the pendant have real diamonds. For all Indian married women, mangalsutra is an essential piece of jewelry. It is auspicious jewelry that is said to keep the new bride away from evil eyes. Modern brides prefer a design of mangalsutra that has the traditional essence but is modern in looks. This mangalsutra is a perfect example of this. You will surely like to flaunt this piece on every possible occasion, be it formal functions or regular office wear.

- Mangalsutra Designs Idea 789678115902269975 - 13

Traditional & Modern Gold Mangalsutra Design Idea for Women

It is a remarkable fusion of traditional mangalsutra with a modern style. The heavy pendant with intricate design patterns and precious gems looks royal. The four strings of signature mangalsutra black beads lend a bold finish to this set. You can wear this jewel for any function like traditional festivals, formal gatherings, or parties. When paired with a sari, lehenga, or any conventional Indian dress, this piece will add the next dimension to your looks.

Real Diamond Mangalsutra Design Idea

Real Diamond Modern Mangalsutra Designs Idea

Wow! What a spectacular mangalsutra design made of 18K Gold with rose gold finish and real diamonds. The exquisite craftsmanship of this beautiful Diamond Mangalsutra speaks for itself. The dual loop-through pattern makes this design unique. You can surely expect admiring glances for people around when you wear this stylish modern design of mangalsutra.

Simple Diamond Mangalsutra Design Idea

Simple Diamond Mangalsutra Design Idea

The mangalsutra design is ultramodern, with seven diamonds set in an arc with two cultural mangalsutra beads on each side. These diamonds represent the seven promises of marriage. This mangalsutra is from Sampat Jeweler’s Moments of Life series, which is known for the simple diamond mangalsutra pendant. This 18K solid gold modern mangal sutra is a sophisticated jewel for everyday wear. 

- Mangalsutra Designs Idea 600526931553857110 - 17

Long Gold Plated Traditional Mangalsutra Design

Your ethnic look is incomplete without a perfect mangalsutra. The Gold plated long mangalsutra with pendant has style and flair to match your personality. Its fashionable detail will complement most of your attire like saree, lehenga, gown, salwar. This long Gold Plated Traditional Mangalsutra Design goes well with your regular wear as well as festive dresses. 

  • How to find the best Mangalsutra designs?

    You have to reach the best place to find the latest design of Mangasutra, on this article you will get the latest & trending designs of Mangalsutra specially curated from the best sources.

  • Which Mangalsutra is best for me?

    Diamond being women’s best friend, we would suggest on every woman it will just look perfect, being a fashion of personalized mangalsutra you can combine gemstones with diamond and gold . Pick the one which looks best on you and in which you feel confident and great.

  • What is the price of Gold Mangalsutra?

    Giving you the price would not be easy to quote, it depends on how much gold is used in making Mangalsutra, design, size of mangalsutra etc. But we can say as the market is so competitive , there is a perfect range to suit all types of pockets.

  • What are the black beads in Mangalsutra?

    As Mangalsutra is very auspicious in hindu religion, black beads are meant for absorbing the negativity in couple life. It protects women from evil eyes.

  • How many black beads should be there in Mangalsutra?

    Nine black beads and nine gold beads, traditionally mangalsutra, is made by stringing nine black beads. There are basically seven parts of the nine black beads in the two strands of a mangalsutra.

  • What is Mangalsutra in English?

    It is a necklace worn by a Hindu woman to signify that she is married.

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